Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh

This is truly a quality product. Every chapter builds upon the one before it to create a compelling and interesting game world. Adventure ideas, character ideas, even magic ideas came readily as I read through the first time. I felt comfortable and excited to be in this world, even though it is all in my head.

The one thing that some folks might consider lacking is the absence of NPC packages. I actually think that by not having a stat block to interrupt the text, I was more able to picture the characters better. With all the prefabricated packages included, whipping up an NPC should be no problem. With the available Hero Designer files on the D3 Games website, this becomes an even easier task.

Contrary to the sourcebook itself, I see this world being more humanocentric. In many ways, I feel as if the non-human races detract from the overall setting story. That is, of course, entirely a subjective opinion. Anybody considering this setting should read the book on its own merits and make their own decisions.

So go buy Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh. You’ll thank yourself. You’ll thank D3 Games.” – James Cook

The setting is, quite simply, lush and detailed. My imagination was easily sparked into wanting to create a Character and run in the setting. It doesn’t look or feel like many of the Fantasy settings I have encountered over the decades, the way that cultures mix here could provide endless hours of fun without becoming monotonous – no “oh look, another King in another feudal style kingdom” is present here. Other cultures and lands truly are different.

If you want a well thought out, well designed and very rich Fantasy setting you could do a lot worse than Kamarathin. I’d definitely recommend it as a break from mundane High Fantasy.” – ghost-angel