DD #18: Infinite Dungeon, Aethercon and Tangents

Hello all,

This is a bit of a mixed update that includes Infinite Dungeon.

First and foremost, the Infinite Dungeon is still on track for October release. This will likely be late in the month, perhaps around Halloween.

Aethercon is coming in the middle of November and I have several roles within this convention. As a vendor I will be selling our wares, as prize support gopher I will be making sure that those who qualify for swag and prizes receive them.

But I will also be participating in a pair of panels and several of our products will be available to play. One of which is a con exclusive Tangent written by Curtis Baum. Below is the D3 Adventures schedule for the convention.

Friday, Nov. 15th 3-7pm EST: Joseph Davis will be running an adventure in the Infinite Dungeon.

Friday, Nov 15th 5:30-6:50pm EST: I will be on the Cartography panel along with Alyssa Faden, Jon Gibbons, and Christopher West

Saturday, Nov. 16th 5-6pm EST: D3 Adventures Q&A focusing on the Infinite Dungeon. Myself, Mark Carroll, Ross Isaacs and Jeff Laubenstein will be on hand. I am currently waiting on Owen Stephens to see if he will be able to attend as well.

Saturday, Nov. 16th 6-10pm EST: Immediately after the Q&A, Mark Carroll will be running a demo of the Infinite Dungeon.

Saturday, Nov 16th 11pm-3am EST: Curtis Baum is running his first Tangent (The Puppetmaster) utilizing the Pathfinder system.

Saturday, Nov. 16th 11pm-3am: Thomas Stephens is running the con exclusive Tangent (Systemcrash: Ragnarok, written by Curtis Baum) utilizing the Shadowrun system.