Hero System 6E

Far beyond the known realms of Europe lie the vast wildernesses of Libya, Ethiopia, Persia, and far-off India. Little is known about these lands, other than they are inhabited by strange and monstrous creatures. All that the learned men of England, France, and Italy can say about them is summed up in the phrase “HC SVNT DRACONES” or “Here Be Dragons.”

Here Be Dragons presents a medieval bestiary in HERO System gaming terms. Thus, the creatures described are described according to period sources and beliefs, meaning they may be vastly different from “traditional” fantasy RPG depictions. However, have no fear, many of the creatures within are easily adaptable to a multiple of genres and settings, and many include notes describing how to do just that.

Here Be Dragons includes:

  • Over 40 fantastical and mundane animals, beasts, and monsters.
  • A brief history of the medieval bestiary, complete with titles and authors
  • A description of the medieval view of the world
  • An extensive list of animal folklore, including common myths about both domestic and wild animals
  • Several unique creatures, including Grendel, the Lambton Worm, the Shaggy Beast, and more!

If you’re running a fantasy campaign, or just want a new look at old monsters, Here Be Dragons is the book for you!