The Aigulf occupy the hill-lands in the eastern part of Tursh. They are nomads who wander from town to town selling their wares and sheep. They are a joyous bunch who tries to avoid open conflict with anyone outside of their clans, but if provoked they become a screaming horde, dressed only in dyed fur.

The Aigulf are a carefree race who delights in wrestling and tale telling. Their entire history is kept alive by the Skalds (shaman bards). These Skalds entertain the clans with stories that amaze and educate the Aigulf about their history and beliefs. The Skalds are very close in power to the chieftains of the Aigulf and are the only ones who can speak to and for their gods, Rhiannon, the mare goddess, being chief among them.

Many Aigulf have taken up residence in some of the outlying Tursh towns and serve as a contact between Tursh merchants and their clansmen. This close relationship between the two peoples has forged an unwritten alliance and either culture will come to the aid of the other.