Created by the A-ar for reasons best left to the imaginations of the philosophers, theologians and minstrels; Kamarathin was the crown jewel of their work. A world of balanced elements, and flawless design.

Then came the Scale Wars.

Chaos reigned and civilizations fell; Spirits roamed across Kamarathin warping and changing the world and her populations to fit their own images. The Elder Gods were dethroned and the New Gods took their place, a cycle that seemed unending until the war could sustain itself no longer, and The Great Darkness fell upon us.

The Great Darkness loomed over the A-ar’s great work for countless generations before the Rise of Heroes; a time when men and women took fate into their own hands and fought against the spirits and monstrosities that roamed the new face of Kamarathin. But those heroes are dead, their powers and secrets lost and forgotten.

This is the Rise of Evil.

As the forces of evil reassert themselves, there are those who would stand against it. Despite the lost lore of the Scale Wars, and the pale shadow of power that man now holds, they choose to remember the heroes of old, and fight in their honor. This is your chance to join that fight.