Pit Fighting in the Kingdom of Tursh
Hero System 6E

Throughout the Kingdom of Beilean and, in fact, throughout many lands, there are a group of individuals whose entire life is spent in constant battle for the enjoyment of an audience. These people can range from criminals who fight for their innocence, champions who fight in stead of their employer, slaves who kill and maim to stay alive and entertain their masters, to brawlers and street fighters who pummel each other in taverns and local faires for a few coins or just the joy of a good fight.

For the rare few who live in the pits and arenas long enough, they develop skills and abilities that exemplify the up close and deadly art of their profession. The pit fighter template represents what would be called a professional pit fighter or gladiator. For whatever reason, these individuals have chosen to remain (or simply survived and evolved) in one of the most deadly professions imaginable.

Pit Fighting is the first gazetteer released for the Kamarathin Setting and focuses on those who would call themselves Pit Fighters. It includes how pit fighters are viewed by society, four famous pit fighter NPC’s to mentor or menace your pit fighting character as well as how to become a Pit Fighter, two pit fighter profession packages and 10 new combat tricks for use by your character.

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