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        CeboStone HB

        CeboStone - CeboStone HB

        Water-based acrylic finish coating for interiors and exteriors: its particular superficial structure allows creating matte decorative finishes characterized by delicate effects of light and shade obtained thanks to a harmonious combination of sandy and smooth areas. The product is applied in one coat on a properly treated surface, thus it is an efficient solution for the decoration of extensive surfaces, both in residential and commercial environments. The product is available in two versions varying in grain sizing: a fine CeboStone (0,3 mm) and a bigger-sized CeboStone HB (0,7 mm) that is mostly recommended for exterior or rough surfaces; both the versions have excellent surface coverage properties and efficiently conceal surface imperfections.

        汽車內外飾件產品,水性丙烯酸面漆涂層:其獨特的表面結構允許創建冰銅裝飾完成以微妙的明暗效應獲得由于桑迪和平滑區域的和諧結合。產品應用于一個外套妥善處理表面,因此,是一種有效的解決方案廣泛的表面的裝飾,在住宅和商業環境。產品有兩個版本不同晶粒大小:罰款CeboStone(0,3毫米)和十有八九比對手快CeboStone HB(0、7毫米),主要是推薦給外部或粗糙表面;版本都優秀的表面覆蓋屬性和有效地掩蓋表面缺陷。


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