Michael Surbrook started gaming way back in 1977, playing in a number short-lived ‘hack-and-slash’ Dungeons and Dragons games. Other systems followed—Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Rolemaster, Traveller, The Fantasy Trip… but nothing really stuck until he encountered Champions in 1985. Almost immediately taken with the “build what you want” concept behind the HERO System, he’s played it almost exclusively since then. This enthusiasm for the game eventually resulted in his first published work, Kazei 5, an anime-cyberpunk-style setting for 4th Edition HERO System. Since then, he’s written the 5th Edition version of Ninja Hero and The Asian Bestiary Volumes 1 & 2 for Hero Games, Kazei 5 2nd Edition for BlackWyrm Games, and has contributed material to Fantasy Flight Games’ Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader product lines.

Surbrooks Stuff carries on a long tradition from Michael’s own website where he converted or created huge amounts of source material for the Hero System. In this product line, we gather together new additions that are fit for publication and use in your games the myriad genre’s that attract this prolific authors attention.