Black Ichor Mines

The city of Flagstone lived off the scraps left by a mine at the base of Vinson’s Peak, barely surviving … but nearly a decade ago,its fortunes changed. A pitch-black ooze began seeping from the walls of the mine, a substance that terrified the miners, then attracted scholars, sages, and merchants who could make use of its unique properties. Flagstone has prospered ever since, the bounty of the strange substance a blessing to the city and its people.

Or is it?

Rumors abound that there is something wrong, that something deep within the shadow-haunted passages of the mine has awakened to wreak a terrible revenge upon Flagstone. The howls of wolves echo within the earth, and the wise shutter their windows and bar their doors to protect against the terrors of the night. The mayor has sent out a call for heroes willing to brave the depths and solve the mystery of the mines, to brave the darkness and defeat the evil that afflicts his city.

Do you dare answer the call to adventure? Will you delve the depths of the Black Ichor Mines?